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Berdon’s 2021 Real Estate Industry Executive Forum

11.17.21 | Webinar

Berdon Real Estate Practice Co-Leaders, Maury Golbert, and Meyer Mintz, host Berdon’s 5th Annual Real Estate Industry Executive Forum.

This video features a 1:1 discussion between Berdon Senior Principal, Thea Kruger, and Brookfield’s Managing Partner and Head of the U.S. Office, Ben Brown. Ben shares his insights on the current state of New York and National Real Estate Markets.

The discussion is followed by a fireside chat with Andrew Husby, CFA, Economist, Bloomberg Economics and Lindsay Dutch, CFA, REIT Equity Analyst – Bloomberg Intelligence. They provide an overview of the impact COVID-19 has had on the national economy along with the effects on New York’s Metro Real Estate Market.

View the video below.