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Berdon’s Long Island Office Moves to 100 Jericho Quadrangle

3.29.21 | Press Release

NEW YORK – In an effort to enhance its commitment to the Long Island market and its employees in the area, Berdon announced that they have moved their Jericho location to 100 Jericho Quadrangle, effective March 29, 2021. The new space will continue to complement the Firm’s existing location in Manhattan and has been designed to adapt to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines as well as the future needs of the workforce – all workspaces are spaced 6 feet apart and collaboration centers, such as the conference rooms and huddle room, provide the ability to social distance while working together.

“We are eager to welcome employees and clients to our new office. Our Long Island location has always been essential for many of the Firm’s clients and staff who call Long Island home. Halfway between New York City and the Hamptons, and just two minutes off the Long Island Expressway, it’s also the perfect location for clients to stop and meet with us, either on their way out to the Hamptons or back to the city,” said Co-Managing Partner, Mark Bosswick. “As we look to continue to enhance our service to clients and the Long Island market in general, our new space includes features that will result in efficiency and innovation to improve our client service and help attract and retain the best talent on Long Island and in the New York Metro market.”

The conference rooms are Wi-Fi-accessible and Zoom ready, so professionals can meet with clients as a team, wherever they are located. Incorporating these technology features will not only provide convenience and flexibility to the Firm’s clients, but will also enhance Berdon’s robust education and learning programs—allowing teams to e-learn together, whether they are working in the same room, remotely, or in different offices.

“It was crucial to include spaces in our new office that would provide opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the training of our people,” said Stuart Kotler, Co-Managing Partner. “Continuing education has always been a top priority for the Firm, and as times change, we are committed to providing the technology and resources necessary to support our Education and Learning programs and maintain our reputation for technical excellence.”

As the needs of employees and clients continue to evolve and become more complex, the addition of a huddle room, which features a high-top table around a computer monitor, provides Berdon’s professionals the ability to develop innovative solutions in a collaborative and tech-friendly space. Additionally, the incorporation of modular workspaces provides the opportunity for COVID-safe collaboration in the office as more employees continue to return on a regular basis.

“Although we are a 104-year-old firm in a historically traditional industry, we strive to always anticipate the current and future needs of our clients and personnel. As such, we worked diligently to incorporate design and technology features that will enhance the office experience for our team as well as facilitate superior service for our clients,” says Chief Operating Officer, Rebecca Goodman-Stephens.

To support the expectation that more employees will have a hybrid work schedule—part remote and part in office—each workstation has been equipped with a locker for employees to store individual items. This feature provides safety for the employees’ personal items, while also supporting Berdon’s clean desk policy. The lockers also serve as modulable seating and come with a seat cushion on top to allow for additional in-office collaboration with colleagues.

The importance of work-life balance was also factored into Berdon’s design of their new space, evidenced by the inclusion of a wellness room for employees to take time for their mental and physical health. The room contains a first-class massage chair in addition to an exercise bike and yoga equipment, which complements the fitness center already located in the building. This room also serves the needs of working moms by providing a comfortable and private space for nursing mothers.

Mindful of the fact that the needs of employees have changed as a result of the pandemic, Berdon intentionally designed the space to be welcoming and inviting by incorporating glass walls in the offices to ensure the natural light from the floor to ceiling windows provides a bright and optimistic space for all employees throughout the office. The windows also have solar shades to reduce heat absorption and save energy in the warmer months. Additionally, the Firm utilized LEVEL 3 certified workstations, LED lighting, as well as appliances and materials qualifying for LEED credit to maximize air quality and reduce the office’s environmental footprint.

Lastly, Berdon will carry over its New York City office’s employee inclusive decor by showcasing photographs from the Greater New York City area taken by employees themselves. The selected photographs are custom-framed and will hang throughout the office, with each photo accompanied by a brass plaque that identifies the local landmark as well as the employee photographer.

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