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Estimated Tax Payments for the NYS and NYC PTET Due Soon

Berdon State and Local Tax Team 12.6.22 | Client Alert This is an important reminder for the 2022 New York State and New York City Pass-Through Entity Taxes (“PTET”) estimated […]

Breakfast with Berdon – Jeff Gural Discusses His Success With Converted Offices & Creative Tenant Outreach

11.21.22 | How a Hands-On Approach with Tenants Has Kept Jeff Gural On Top In the fourth episode of Breakfast with Berdon, GFP’s Jeff Gural tells Berdon’s Meyer Mintz the […]

Application for the COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit Program is Open

Berdon State and Local Tax Team 11.10.22 | Client Alert On April 28, 2022, New York State enacted the 2022-2023 Budget Bill, which included the COVID-19 Capital Costs Tax Credit […]

Guidance For Transitioning Your Manufacturing Business to the Next Generation

Marcy Greenfield 11.8.22 | Industry Insights Succession planning for family-owned manufacturing and distribution companies can be an arduous task, especially if the company also employs non-family members. These situations typically […]

Multifamily Outlook: Caution, Reimagining, Recovery

11.03.22 |  Industry Insights What is ahead for the tri-state multifamily market in the current sea of uncertainty? Commercial Observer and the Berdon Real Estate Practice tackled this critical question […]

Year-End is Approaching, Get Your Financials in Order

Christopher Imperiale 10.31.22 | Practice Made Perfect Another challenging year for the legal industry is about to end, and reviewing the firm’s finances before year-end is critical for positioning the […]

Internal Control Benefits for Tech Start-ups

Anya Inochkina 10.20.22 | Industry Insights A strong system of internal controls protects a company’s assets against fraud and ensures timeliness and accuracy of financial information. The process of creating […]

2022-23 Tax Planning Guide – Claim Opportunities That Fit Your Circumstances

10.19.22 | Client Alert Tax Planning Guide Updates in Real Time This year’s Inflation Reduction Act, the still impactful Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), and ongoing chatter […]

Respect, Hard Work and Culture – Keys to a Successful Succession | Part 2

10.13.22 | Industry Insider SHERWOOD LUMBER Gain insights from a true family business succession story. Hear from the leaders of Sherwood Lumber and the value they place on succession planning, […]