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Corporate Culture and Hybrid/Remote Work

Narisa Silver

11.14.22 | Operations Chat

According to a 2022 McKinsey survey of 25,000 people, 58% of all Americans report having the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week. About 35% report having the option to work full time.

Remote work positions have more than tripled compared to pre-COVID levels. Data scientists at Ladders estimate that 20 million professional jobs in North America were remote by the end of Q4 2021. “This change in working arrangements is impossible to overhype. As big as it is, it’s even bigger than people think,” says Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella, who claims remote work is the largest societal change in America since the end of World War II. Lynda Gratton, professor of management at London Business School and author of Redesigning Work: How to Transform Your Organisation and Make Hybrid Work for Everyone, believes we are experiencing “the greatest global shift in the world of work in a century.”

Gartner claims that over 80% of company leaders plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part-time after the pandemic ends. To remain competitive, U.S. businesses must develop workplace policies that promote a culture that includes fully remote and hybrid work. Remote work greatly expands the geography of a company’s hiring efforts and offers new opportunities for workers living far from a company’s office.

Culture encourages employees to respect a company’s values. Company policies and decisions must be communicated to workers in an open and transparent manner. A culture that promotes communication with remote colleagues online creates camaraderie, connection, and well-being. Inclusiveness should be fostered to ensure transmission of culture. In a healthy remote work environment, culture is documented transparently, making it accessible to everyone.

Companies should encourage employees to balance work and life in a remote environment. Video conferencing can be used to make people more comfortable by sharing each other’s lives in a casual, home setting and helping to build a culture of trust. Leaders and teammates must be actively involved in welcoming new employees. Documentation is essential to avoid dysfunction and should be used to mentor new team members. Many experts suggest companies offer group chats and forums for employees who have skills, hobbies, or other interests outside work.

According to Pamela Hinds and Brian Elliott (WFH Doesn’t Have to Dilute Your Corporate Culture), “Almost every executive we talked with over the past few months knows that we’re entering a new, untested period. It will take early experimentation to generate ways of promoting remote-first cultures … Leaders must recognize that thriving in the new era of work depends on being open to new formulas for building and maintaining strong culture.”

Advances in information and communications technology will continue to create significant innovation in the way we work. Competition requires management to create a culture that emphasizes employee-driven flexibility. Companies must recognize that culture is evolving and make a significant effort to direct it in new directions.

If you have any questions about this analysis, I can be reached at 212.331.7436 | nsilver@berdon.com


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Narisa Silver, Talent Acquisition Manager of Berdon, combines a background in legal and accounting recruiting paired with personal experience as a real estate and tax attorney. Narisa works with candidates and stakeholders at all levels, from Associate to Partner, and leverages her passion for talent acquisition, human resources, and helping to build the best workplace possible for everyone.

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