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Five Talent Acquisition Approaches in a Competitive Market

Narisa Silver

08.08.22 | Operations Chat

The competition for talent is fierce these days. In any market, finding the right person for the right job is no simple task, and it requires an organized and well-reasoned approach to meet your goals. Here are some tips that can help yield successful outcomes.

Direction Determines Strategy: In effect, know where your firm or company is going so that you can help them along the way. Is your organization seeking to expand geographically? Are they seeking to grow into a new area and need specialized skills that are not in-house? Are certain leaders aging out, and is the need to replace their skills and expertise on the horizon and potentially critical? By understanding the direction and inherent needs, you will be better positioned to develop a focused strategy.

All Hands-on Deck: There is no reason to limit yourself to your internal human resources colleagues. You have a business with multiple departments at your doorstep. Engage with them. Each person within your reach may be a resource for the talent you seek. To oil the wheels, consider an employee referral program that features monetary rewards graded for the professional level of the hire.

Honesty is the Only Policy: Don’t oversell or glamorize the job opportunity. People can sense when they are being oversold. It is always best to be truthful and direct when describing the position; otherwise, you risk a successful application followed by a disgruntled employee who departs early. At the same time, don’t undersell your company and be direct about the path forward for any new employee.

DE&I Counts: A company that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion is important to many candidates today. Any acquisition strategy that does not take this into account will inadvertently turn off some candidates. While it may not be a primary decider and overemphasis on DE&I could be counterproductive, recognized that the absence of a defined DE&I policy will be noticed and noted.

Get Your Priorities Straight: You only have so much time and so many resources, and you can’t be everywhere at all times. But what you can do is set priorities. If one of your charges is to find a replacement for a retiring controller who is willing to stay and train his or her replacement, that may be where you need to focus your attention. Otherwise, simply ask. Let me know my 1st, 2nd, and 3rd priorities, and I will work in that direction.

These are five and only five suggestions, and there is much more that I will discuss in future blogs.

Questions: I can be reached at 212.331.7436 | nsilver@berdon.com.

Narisa Silver, Talent Acquisition Manager of Berdon, combines a background in legal and accounting recruiting paired with personal experience as a real estate and tax attorney. Narisa works with candidates and stakeholders at all levels, from Associate to Partner, and leverages her passion for talent acquisition, human resources, and helping to build the best workplace possible for everyone.

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