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Keeping Paperless and Balancing Workflow with a Hybrid Admin Team

Jason Lloyd, Chief Administrative Officer, Berdon LLP
Assistant Vice President of Operations, Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC / Berdon Advisors LLC

10.04.21 | Operations Chat

The recent surge in paperless and remote working has really opened our eyes to the benefits of some modern and more efficient methods of working. Out of necessity due to the pandemic, we shifted to remote/hybrid work scenarios that we may not have envisioned possible years ago. Yet, we’re definitely making it work, and in many cases, it’s working even better than before. As organizations work towards settling on the new normal, there may be a longer-term or permanent shift towards working remotely or having a hybrid remote/office schedule. If you are an administrative leader, you may have some team members that are needed in-office (i.e., Mailroom, Facilities, etc.) and others whose work can be done entirely remote and paperless. Here are some changes we’ve put in place that have been successful, which may encourage you to have confidence in making similar administrative decisions for your business:

Electronic Mailroom — All incoming mail is scanned and electronically distributed to recipients; no physical mail is distributed.

Paperless Word Processing/Proofreading — All document edits come to the team via e-mail as scans; Proofreading reviews/marks-up documents using Adobe Comment features.

Virtual Reception — The Receptionist answers all calls remotely, utilizing a virtual switchboard system; also allows for all Reception backup staff to take over and cover (whether they are in the office or not).

Shredding/Warehousing — Continue shredding or scanning those old documents and reduce your offsite warehouse storage fees; in most cases these days, a scan of an original is still considered an original.

Balancing Work among your in-office and remote team members — I’ve seen a shift in admin work for those in the office, which has increased their workload, i.e., covering extra tasks for those who are remote, handling the shipping/receiving logistics of computer equipment to remote workers, and increased scanning demands. Consider shifting some electronic work to those admins who are remote, so in-office admins do not become overwhelmed and can focus on in-office duties.

Naturally, based on your business type or structure, there may be other solutions for you, but hopefully these suggestions help you keep an open mind, because it’s always best to shift with (or ahead of) the times, rather than trying to catch up.

Want to share some ideas or methods that are working for you? Please reach out! You can contact me at jlloyd@berdon.com.

Jason B. Lloyd, Chief Administrative Officer at Berdon, has more than 25 years of experience in administrative roles of increasing responsibility and complexity. A highly skilled administrative leader, Jason specializes in team building and mentoring, vendor relations and cost reduction strategies, and administrative best practices, while exhibiting a customer service and quality assurance mindset.

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