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Leveraging the 7 Types of Internal Workplace Communications

James Knoebel

06.01.22 | Operations Chat

In our first video blog, James Knoebel explores ways for organizations to formulate a multifaceted communications approach to effectively reach all employees. To succeed, businesses must first recognize how different individuals process information. Some receive information better via the written word while others are more receptive to visual or auditory messaging. Keeping this in mind, it is beneficial for organizations to develop and implement an integrated internal communications plan.

View the video below.

If you have any questions, reach out to Frank Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer at 212.331.7650 | fvitale@berdon.com

James Knoebel is a Marketing Coordinator at Berdon involved in all aspects of the firm’s marketing efforts including contributing to social media, producing videos, assisting professionals in prospecting efforts, and providing event planning and coordination. James is the writer and host of the weekly “Berdon TV” video series which keeps firm members up-to-date on significant firm events and initiatives.

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