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Internal Control Benefits for Tech Start-ups

Anya Inochkina 10.20.22 | Industry Insights A strong system of internal controls protects a company’s assets against fraud and ensures timeliness and accuracy of financial information. The process of creating […]

Graduation Spaces for Life Sciences Start-Ups

Jeffrey Kovacs 7.21.22 | Industry Insights Many start-up life sciences companies may find themselves in an incubator space at some point in their life cycle, but many incubators only allow […]

The 2017 TCJA: Still Impacting Technology and Life Sciences

Jeffrey Kovacs 6.23.22 | Industry Insights New York City has long been a hub for up-and-coming industries, including the rapidly evolving technology and life sciences industry. Fueled by the city’s […]

Pitching for Results – Traction, Team and Competition

Jeffrey Kovacs 5.10.22 | Industry Insights Our Pitching for Results series [2.15.22 and 3.16.22] moves ahead as we turn our attention to lessons learned in the areas of traction, team, and […]

Pitching for Results – Products, Services, Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Jeffrey Kovacs 3.16.22 | Industry Insights Our Pitching for Results series continues as we share the key lessons we have learned about developing and presenting effective investor pitches. We hope […]

Pitching for Results – The Fundamentals

Jeffrey Kovacs 2.15.22 | Industry Insights – Technology & Life Sciences One of the most crucial, yet time consuming and stressful, roles of a technology executive is securing adequate capital […]