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The Atlanta Fed Can’t Keep Up With the Bad Economic News

7.5.22 | GlobeSt.com

An article on GlobeSt.com tapped into Berdon Managing Partner, Mark Bosswick, to discuss the state of the economy and factors that are impacting it. Mark is quoted in the article, stating:

“While inflation may be peaking, it will take time to get back down to the ideal of 2% or close to it. As interest rates continue to rise, they will impact the economy. The attempt to balance reducing inflation without hurting the economy enough to trigger a recession is a delicate operation. Each market shift has its own characteristics. This time COVID-19, the Ukraine War, the Great Resignation, and the supply chain disruption are all new and never-before-seen factors. They will be resolved in some fashion at some time, but investor confidence is shaken right now. However, the underlying fundamentals of the economy are much stronger than in previous times where there were more pervasive and systemic economic issues.”

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